Celso as a boy's name is of Italian and Latin origin, and the meaning of Celso is "high, lofty". Also a part of words for sky, like "ciel" (French) and "coelum" (Latin).
I see Celso walking down the street.

Puedo ver un ángel in el cielo.
by Janedoe081299 May 2, 2021
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Guy 1 : "I let my girl fuck Celso"
Guy 2 : Thats great, I heard his dick is huuuuge.
by yoshiii2372 June 29, 2021
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Celso, a smart kid with a huge dick, great sense of humor. All of his friends are Donkeys. He gets all the girls at the same time, and cannot be outsmarted by faggots.
I love you so much, youre so perfect! Youre such a Celso!
by Suckamadickboyswowo April 11, 2017
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Loves to work out, and forces his friends to record him working out. If you follow him on social media, prepare thyself for workout videos. Likes chicken nuggets. Probably Mexican. VERY boujee, goes to fancy Ross stores. Has a very trying job, and copes with his stress by drinking away his sorrows. He's aight.
Person #1: Yo where were you last night?
Person #2: I pulled a Celso. Would you like to see?
Person #1: .... no.
by akia295 January 23, 2018
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Really nice Latino guy!

Normally he will be dramatic, but a lovely person.
by DonadaBudega November 26, 2016
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Celso is how you should call a really nice guy that will drink to much and talk about his life, love problems and how he is going to lose his Magma. Normally you will find him at 3am but never at 7am or 8am. Why? Because he have a problem with the sun.

noise that a car do.
i couldn't wake, I'm so celso today. I feel so celso, I'm gonna lose my Magma.
by DonadaBudega November 26, 2016
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