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Celest means "heavenly"

Celest is a loyal, loving, generous person she also has a banging body and will always be there for you also if you see celest mad stay away from her because theres a 99.9% chance she will kill you, because she is a bad ass other than that she is awesome.
Just go find yourself a celest
by Sisco13 June 20, 2016
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Someone who needs therapy is a Celest; they take identity crises to the max. Someone who is a Celest will always see the good in you and would kill themselves to save someone else. Always complimenting people, supposedly genuine but a Celest's friendliness seems too good to be true; this is what makes them seem fake. On the other hand, Celest's are just bitches who need a confidence boost and a reality check. They have lotta ambitions, but sometimes that shit is just too extra.
That bitch Celest did all the work for me, which is great but I don't think she's slept in like ten days.
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by big.bruh March 31, 2019
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A whore who will suck anyones dick.
Girl A: You know that girl celest?
Girl B: Yeah.. Why?
Girl A: She's such a skank
Girl B: ugh i know
by Maria pattersin March 08, 2018
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