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The Ceasar salad takes preparation and patience, requiring saving/building up a load (of cum) for a week or two to get the full desired effect. The move is initiated by having the girl lay flat on her stomach while penetrating her from the back alternating between anally and vaginally. Pull out when close to ejaculation and cum all over her back, ass, and in her hair. Thereby covering her like a Ceasar salad with a huge saved up load. Immediately realizing that she is covered like a Ceasar salad, she will ask you to wipe it off with a towel since she can’t reach all over her back to get all the cum and she can feel it running down her sides. A true artist will not want to take anything away from his creation of a masterpiece and will refuse to clean up the crime scene while admiring his work proudly, obviously denying to wipe the cum off her with a towel. This will most likely piss her off and result in you being called an insensitive selfish asshole or similar, but it will be amusing to watch her struggle with wiping off the excessive load of cum all over her while she is getting up and leaving your place. This move is especially recommended on redheads or strawberry blondes.
Last night I covered Lisa like a Ceasar salad and she got pissed because she asked me to wipe it off her, but I refused and admired my masterpiece like a true artist. She left, but later came back for more.
by Quagmire_G January 31, 2010
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is when you go down on a girl not knowing that she squirts and she orgasms squirts all over your face and you vomit in her vagina...
dude I totally created a ceasar salad last night!
by shane's February 04, 2008
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When marijuana is lcaed with Cocaine. Due to the nature of the bud in a bowl with some white topping.. applies to blunts also
cgk kid 1: this bleez laced?
cgk kid 2: Hijoolaaa kidd ceasar salad ye dig
by KidAbw August 13, 2008
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