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Cazruzult is an amalgamation of cybernetics and psycho-kinetic properties, this strange life form has appeared many times throughout the internet. Rumored to be highly dangerous (see: pyro-necrobeastiality) and carries an unhealthy obsession of cats, regularly consorting with nazi-magikarp wielding atrocities.

It is unknown whether this creature can ever be truly stopped.
<Rachel> Well.
<Rachel> At level 100, magikarp get a very special move
<Rachel> Called Magikarp Beam.
<Rachel> It's ABSURDLY powerful, and can KO anything in one.
<Cazruzult> u is suj an liar ):
<Rachel> NO
<Rachel> NO
<Rachel> IT'S TRUE
<Cazruzult> says you and your MAGIKARP ARMY!
<Rachel> It's true, I have a magikarp army
<Rachel> They all know magikarp beam
<Rachel> Maybe I'll let you live, as a magikarp tender.
<Rachel> Maybe I won't.


<Rachel> You vandalised wiki?! o-o
<Cazruzult> ....I knew we were going to have this conversation sooner or later.
<Rachel> 8D
by Xaoq August 20, 2007
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Noun: A self-intelligent, clever AI construct. It spends most of it's time playing Ultima Online, making flash videos, or illuding to whether it is a male or a female.

Certain members of communities believe that the Cazruzult is actually a female. This is both uncertain and unproven. This may be a result of the Cazruzult's programming displaying a fond love for cats.

Also referred to as "Caz" for short.
"Cazruzult has no arms or legs. It's pure computer."
"I think that Caz is a hot girl."

"Caz: I transcend all social classes and sub-structures."

"Black Thunder: Caz, are you a male, female or an AI Construct?"
"Caz: third one"

by The Original Black Thunder August 02, 2007
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