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a caycie is a freaking beautiful girl who stuns everyone in the room. she may not be the most popular girl in school, but is definitely the prettiest and deserves to be. caycie will more often than not have a crush but is too scared to say it so she will tell all her friends and then soon he will find out. caycie is richer than fuck. caycie is actually the most perfect girl in the whole world and if you ever meet a caycie, keep her.
teacher calls roll: caycie?
caycie: here
guys: (look at caycie) damn she finer than hell
caycie: (looks at guys, smiles her perfect smile)
by Noah Qwerty April 13, 2018
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A hot, beautiful girl who is smart and rich. she has the most kind heart in the world.
I love caycie she is amazing
by Jaden dameron February 13, 2018
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a tim booty wilson who loves eating krill with chopsticks
wow that booty is a caycie
by tim booty February 15, 2018
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