The best day of the week. Cats will fall from the sky and you'll receive a thousand sandpaper kisses.
by thecatsmooches October 2, 2008
In contrast to the saturday cats posts on 4Chan, Caturday can also be used to describe any day off. Weekends, Holidays, or simply skipping work usually take place on Caturday.

Implies to be lazy like a cat.
"Dude, why the hell were you not at school?"
"Dude, it's Caturday!"
by mrthunderdust February 23, 2008
The third Saturday of every month (because the letter "c" is the third letter of the alphabet) when the world and all its inhabitants celebrate all things LOLCAT.
Monocat never fails on caturday!
by psycho_ash June 3, 2008
is a contraction of cat Saturday for those too lazy or impatient to use the whole term. Cat Saturday is the name of a blog where they celebrate all things feline.
For cat lovers every Saturday is Cat Saturday or caturday.
by Boomermuse July 4, 2009
The day after Friday the 13th, It's the most magical Caturday of the year.
Dude its Caturday the 14th, oh shit son
by natr0n February 12, 2009
an everyday special day for those crazy cat people
Caturday is the best day ever to honor those cat lovers
by Factomatics September 13, 2022