The third Saturday of every month (because the letter "c" is the third letter of the alphabet) when the world and all its inhabitants celebrate all things LOLCAT.
Monocat never fails on caturday!
by psycho_ash June 03, 2008
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Two Saturdays of every month in which the majority of the day is spent photographing one's cat to later post those pictures on a myspace bulletin so that people may comment on them. Sadly, men also participate in this activity as proven by the originator "Chaz". In short, it's pussies taking pussy pictures of pussies for other pussies to post pussy comments on them.
Craig: "Have you seen the latest Caturday pics on my bulletin? Comment on them, won't you?"
Derek: "Get away from me."
Jader: "lol"
by Gypsy aka Buggs August 19, 2006
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is a contraction of cat Saturday for those too lazy or impatient to use the whole term. Cat Saturday is the name of a blog where they celebrate all things feline.
For cat lovers every Saturday is Cat Saturday or caturday.
by Boomermuse July 04, 2009
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