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Refers to a person, usually female, who will engage in sexual acts other than vaginal penetration of a penis. Vaginal penetration of a penis is "sex" and therefore evil--so to maintain "virginity", Roman Catholic Virgins will engage in manual, oral, anal, or anything else that isn't vaginal. Personally, I think it's a sign of serious hypocrisy.
"Bless me Father, for I have sinned. It's been one week since my last confession."
"Have you committed sins of the flesh?"
"No, I'm still a virgin."
***This penitent is lying: Manual, Oral, and Anal Sex are all SEX. It's right there in the titles!***

"I went out with this chick from St. Thomas Aquinas last night."
"Any action?"
"Hell yeah--she's Catholic so she took it up the ass! I fucking love Catholic virgins!"
by The Ripper January 09, 2005
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A practicing Catholic of either gender who recognizes the dignity of their own sexuality and the gift of new human life which arises from sexual intercourse. In appreciation and gratitude for this amazing gift, the practicing Catholic refrains from all sexual encounters before sacramental marriage (the type of purity practiced by singles and referred to as continence). This self-denial builds the life-long habit (a.k.a. virtue) of purity.

After marriage, the couple continues to practice this life-long habit of purity by only engaging in sexual intercourse with their spouse (conjugal purity). They refrain from other forms of sexual activity, such as anal and oral sexual practices, out of mutual respect for each other's bodies and the dignity of their reproductive capacities. Likewise, they refrain from having sexual encounters with anyone other than their spouse in recognition of the spiritual bond of love and unity which flows between them in the sacramental marriage covenant. A breach of this covenant through sexual infidelity is referred to as adultery and considered to be a grave violation of the marriage union, the natural law, and the human dignity of both spouses.
Non-Catholic: Do you know what's wrong with all those Catholic Virgins? I don't get it: they're like completely medieval and won't have sex or anything.

Practicing Catholic: Catholic Virgins, such as myself, respect our bodies as dwelling places of God and vehicles of bringing life into the world. There is no more incredible natural gift, so we cherish it by saving ourselves exclusively for our spouses.
by PracticingCatholic April 06, 2016
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