"Sports Friend" is what a Catchie is, basically. Also could be another word for a friend who's not really your friend.
Would you like my catchie?
Hell naw
by semeM May 29, 2018
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Adjective - Neat, upbeat, if it's a sound, it "has a ring to it", etc.

Synonyms: Cool
Gee, that song is catchy!
by SilusW December 19, 2004
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something that almost no one can help liking. For example, a song by a singer/group that one may not like in particular.
"I don't especially like Jessie J, but I have to admit, her new song "Domino", is quite catchy".
by GamerDude87 June 20, 2012
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Either the COVID-19 pandemic or ¨Happy¨ by Pharrel Williams.
Song: Because I´m happy....
Person: Woah, this song is catchy!
by The qwertyuiop demon November 4, 2020
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A game played between two walls which utilizes a bouncy ball. The game is to see how many bounces you can get brtween the walls , from one throw before it touches the floor.
"Fancy a game of Catchy Catchy Bear"

"Ummm Yes Please"
by Rosie Mcfart January 25, 2006
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weau naou naou dau deu neu

use english please:
sure, no problem.
john: hey
mike: hey
john: what?
mike: weau naou naou dau deu neu
john: what?
mike: catchy!
by woohoo hoohoo hoohoo January 24, 2005
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A catchy jingle is a short song in an advertisement that will help the consumer to remember the name of a company, web address, phone number or any other information. Companies who are currently using them include Stanly Steamer, 1-800-Mattres, freecreditreport.com...

In advertising propaganda, this falls under "repetitive advertising", because after the consumer hears it a few times, they generally memorize it.
If you want a truly free credit report, you’ll have to remember–on your own and without a catchy jingles–to go to AnnualCreditReport.com
by glorymania March 9, 2009
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