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catchi = cat + ecchi. Ecchi ("H") pictures of catgirls. Generalized catchi includes H of any felid girl.
- Check out my new wallpaper.
- Nice catchi. Who's she?
- Kal'tsit from Arknights.
by _____AAAAAAAAAA_____ January 4, 2023
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In spite of being a sub for the text editor VS Code, it's obviously a good place for asking language-specific questions and blaming your code not working on the text editor you use.
Noob on r/vscode: Help why doesn't VS Code work, it worked on Programiz. (Posts photograph of garbage written in C++ because screenshotting is hard)
Helpful stranger: You need to do this and that and pass this and that flag to GCC when compiling. Not related to VS Code BTW so please go to r/learnprogramming or r/cpp_questions
Noob, somehow full of confidence and entitlement: THEN WHY THE FUCK DID IT WORK ON PROGRAMIZ?????

Helpful stranger, with amazing patience: Programiz has its own compiler. (Explains again how to use GCC)

Noob: *disappears without a thanks*
by _____AAAAAAAAAA_____ January 2, 2023
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