This is the beating that gets delivered to a loser specifically for being a fucking loser. In general, these are polo shirt wearing rich boy suburb tough guys that pretty much deserve the beating anyway. It’s better when a girl delivers it.
Yo Tara! This telephone tough guy over here is prancing around with a purple martini and gave me a shoulder. You wanna take care of this???

WHAT! Is that a performance fleece? This kid is about to Catch Hands.

Tara proceeds to bear the shit out of this kid, steal his fleece and throw it in a dumpster after she kicks him while he’s down.

Kid caught hands.
by Who stole my shoes? June 20, 2020
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The hand you don't use while masturbating. 'Catch hand' applies when in the slightly unfortunate situation where you masturbate past the point of no return, but suddenly realise that you don't have a tissue. Or a sock. Or a girlfriend!
Mike: Oh my god what happened your hand?
Joe: Never mind, its only my catch hand!
Mike: That is disgusting Joe
by Highkingofscotland September 4, 2010
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Term/phrase meaning to fight, or initiating an ass whoopn!
Say bro! you don't want catch these hands!
by bigdaddyham July 22, 2014
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Fight; throwing down. Verbal assault to basically, meaning we 'bout to fight.
Person 1: "So my girl is better than yos, and she will-"
Person 2: "You 'bout to catch these hands."
by BasicNeeds May 18, 2015
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When someone does something you don't like and/or makes you mad and you want to punch or slap them. Raising fists while saying this for optimal results.
Sibling: *Smacks arm and runs away*
You: "Finna catch these hands!"
by Millnvm January 10, 2018
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