a reference to ones penis. cat = pussy (vagina) toy = penis
hey babe come play with my cat toy
by shotgun facelift September 28, 2009
When a female crawls between the legs of her male sex partner and proceeds to lay on her back. While on her back she then continues to play with the male's scrotum in a simlar fashion to a cat playing with a toy.
*Also known as cougar toying when the 'toyer' is older than the 'toy' or as 'cat nipping' when teeth are used
Guy 1: Felicia is so kinky. Last night she was cat toying for like 2 hours straight. It was amazing!

Guy 2: She must get it from her mother. I heard she is like the Queen of Cougar Toying

by Brown Sugar And Spice December 15, 2012
Male companion suitable for flirting, joking around and other stimulation but not for a bona fide romantic relationship. So named because one can freely bat him around and even get a little breathless over him, but never depend on him for actual emotional sustenance.
"He's great fun, but he's not bf material -- he's just a cat toy."
by daphnechick November 1, 2007
a Trump supporter who lacks the ability to make winning arguments but repeatedly engages in discussions, providing amusement for others
People enjoy trolling Kim because she’s always posting fake news. She’s everyone’s favorite cat toy.
by Sugarwolf December 24, 2020