An angel from the CW hit show "Supernatural".

Aside from gripping people's souls tight and raising them from perdition, Castiel's hobbies include drinking liquor stores, having copious amounts of eyesex with Dean Winchester, and telling jokes that are funnier in Enochian.
When embarrassed or confused, Cas will lower his gaze and shift uncomfortably before fixing you with a puppy dog gaze that has been known to render both women and men completely helpless.
"It literally means 'You breed with the mouth of a goat. *pause* It's funnier in Enochian"

"I do not understand that reference."

"Hey, ass-butt."

Dean: (On Castiel trying to find God) "Try New Mexico, I hear he's on a tortilla."
Castiel: "No, he's not on any flatbread."
by Ass-butt June 14, 2010
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The religion in which you worship Castiel, who became a god by eating souls from purgatory
by Destiel_deancas February 19, 2015
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An angel from the hit show Supernatural on CW TV. He is mostly seen with Sam and Dean, the two main characters in the show. You can tell who he is by his tan trench coat and blue tie.

His name is almost always spelled "Cas" by the fandom and "Cass" by the writers.

Mostly, he is shipped with Dean to form the ship Destiel (which should totally be canon , by the way.) Sometimes, he is also shipped with Meg, a demon, or Sam, Dean's brother.
Fan 1: Awwww, Castiel is such a cutie. He needs to be protected at all costs.

Fan 2: Trueee. Dean will protect him though.

Fan 1: Well, Cas was the one who raised him from perdition, so you could argue that Cas should protect Dean. (*cough cough* from other women because destiel need to be canon obviously)
Fan 2: Ohohohohoho, was that subtext
by cryingphan January 20, 2017
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Castiel is the angel of Thursday, also known as the angel who fell in love with humanity. Castiel is featured on the popular show Supernatural, and played by the actor Misha Collins.
"My name is Castiel, and I am the one who gripped you tight and raised you from perdition."
by Snazzy_Frog August 29, 2018
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Castiel is an Angel (Seraph) of the Lord on the show Supernatural played by an actual angel, Misha Collins. Castiel is an awkward little dude who loves PB&Js, bees and watching TV. Castiel is, on the other hand, a powerful and dangerous celestial being and would die for the Winchester’s.
And most importantly, he’s the angel who stole Dean Winchester’s heart.
Cas:*Appears out of nowhere*
“Hello, Dean.”
Dean: *Has a heart attack*
“Jesus Christ...”
Cas: “No, my name is Castiel.”
by _CasaNovela_ April 15, 2020
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THE hottest angel from the hit tv show Supernatural, who brought dean winchester back from the claws of the hell hounds playd by Misha Collins.
Dean: Who are you?
Castiel: I'm the one who gripped you tight and rose you from peridition.

Fangirl 1: OMG!! It's Dean!
Fangirl 2: OMG!! It's Sam!
Fangirl 3: OMG!! It's Cas!!
by Steflemming December 20, 2008
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a sassy angel who is in love with the bisexual dean winchester on the hit show supernatural
Castiel is in love with Dean
by steve rodgers October 1, 2014
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