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-Verb: To Cassius a claim, cassiusing a set
1. A form of hyperventilation pertaining to the method used as originally by Cassius Edwards of Toronto. The individual stands parallel against the wall; bends their torso at an angle perpendicular to the wall and proceeding to hyperventilate as fast as they can until they feel faint. They then stand vertically again, constrict their trachea with their hands and hold both their breath and throat until they are faint.
2. Holding a bong toke really fucking long because it is kif or your last little bit of that fiyah bundem kush
Cassius : Kelson wanna get high without drugs?
Kelson : yo bwoiiiiiiiiiiiii i wanna get LITARDED
Cassius begins shaking on the floor in a seizure-like manner

Dan: What are you gonna do?
me: I'm cassiusing this last bowl to make it last me longer
by Foe Paw October 06, 2010
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