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Cassia is a Greek name and means cinnamon. Cassia is an outgoing girl, Always smiling, Nice and caring, Great at sport and is very competitive. She has luscious hair that always looks good and radiant skin.
Look at that outgoing girl, oh that's cassia
by sophfeefee September 15, 2011
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Cassia is a gorgeous and beautiful person, inside and out. She is very goofy and is not Afraid to express how she’s feeling. It takes time to get to know her but once you do she will become your best friend. People adore her because she’s such a nice and genuine person. Anyone who is lucky enough to have a cassia as a best friend should be very thankful to have her as a best friend. Cassia makes everyone happier when she walks into the room and she doesn’t even realize that she’s doing that. Cassia is an amazing, goofy, loving best friend.
who Is cassia?

Oh she’s my best friend if u mess with her I’ll be coming for you.
by mihan_gg November 26, 2018
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A Place above the Mortals where Animal like beings wander among the many realms Cassia has to offer.
"Hey did you hear that a new realm was made in Cassia? they call it the Fly realm"
by Carrotcatsuss April 18, 2018
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a stupid walnut who should yeet herself into the sun.
Persono uno: Yo is that cassia,?What is she doing?
persono dos: shes yeeting herself into the sun. she sure is a cassia alright!
by stupidwalnut August 01, 2018
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pronounced ca-see-a.
a cinnamon-bark or sweet-smelling spice. it's the name of a variety of trees.
In ancient greek mythology 'cassia' was also said to be the 'prophet of doom'

The word is of greek origin however it also originates from the french saint cassian, cassius or is hebrew for kezia and keziah.
1. person a: "look at those tree huggers'
person b: "don't you mean look at those cassia huggers?"

2. person a: "mm look at that cinnamon donought"
person b: "no it's a cassia donought"

3. person a: "i don't know why but i just had a feeling that that bad thing was going to happen before it actually did..."

person b: "wow it sounds like you did a cassia"
by Cass =] June 23, 2008
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Cassia a is yeetling murderer that once yoted herself into the sun. Cassia is a potatoy that enjoys shipping packages of sushi her friends. Cassia also has a pet potatoy named Coleman, and he is super lit.
Person numero uno:
OMG did you hear that Cassia just got back from the sun??
Person numero dos:
Yeah!!! I heard she killed a yeetling up there...
Person numero uno:
She is such a Cassia
by CREN WROLE IS DEAD January 07, 2019
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Oh cassia is the meaning of love for saggy bumholes. She always smells of cinnamon and fresh fruit. Her wonderful blue eyes pleases everyone as she is beautiful and soooo kind. Her best friend is Ali aka alinjavwa the queen of chicken. She loves me soo much but she loves saggy bumholes morreeee (especially slimy ones). You will defo know its cassia when her smile outshines the sun with her bright white teeth. I love her soo much and she is a very good fighter too.
Oh damn look at that cassia!
Rock it cassia!
Omg stop it cassia ;)
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