Possibly the most amazing person you will ever meet. Usually fitting the 'Prince Charming' Calliber, Usually incredibley aesthetically pleasing. Even though Caspar's often go through difficult period's they still come out right minded.
If you have a Caspar, He's a Keeper.
'look at him'
'mmmm, i'd smack that, tap that and possbley even bang that,'
'i bet his name is Caspar'
'I bet it is, i bet it is'
by hermayah March 22, 2009
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Caspar is a person with a huge 10 inch wily which he shoves in the fittest girls ever

Any girl who gets near him gets a tingle in their fanny because they want his 10 inch wily to penetrate though that lobe of skin
Omg, is that a Caspar?
Yes ik it's amazing
Yum yum
by Louise King February 1, 2017
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if you have seen a Caspar your eyes have been blessed . Caspar is a total hunk and is very popular . He has mad skills and is very smart. Caspars are extremely nice people and are someone you can always count on to make your day better :) if you know someone called Caspar be there friend.
oooooh caspars so cute
by bananas and chocolate May 28, 2020
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Caspar‘s are very special. smarter than they look and very good at sports. My Caspar sometimes doesn‘t trust hisself enough, but even though he is just such a gentlemen and very funny. Caspars give you the feeling like they would know you and you could always talk to them, even though you don‘t talk much with each other. Its like an undergrouning connection. Caspars can also be very mean if they are hurted. They wont show their feelings twice. So a caspar is funny as a caspar but also very sensitive.
Caspar i was in love with you...
by Theonewhowasinlovewithyou November 22, 2021
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A god clothed in human skin. Anyone named Caspar will pillage your village and rape your wife.
by Tastymanapua May 24, 2018
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he is a great person and has a huge dick about 12 inches hes just great in bed and really good at soccer
caspar has a huge dick
by ehrenman November 13, 2018
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