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Euphemism for the term crybaby. Typically enjoys long walks on the beach, romantic comedies, and crying to his girl friends. Many men become uncomfortable with his presence because they do not know how to react to a six foot crying baby. In order to know if you have a Casaleflower on your hands all you need to do is the Titanic test. If the man in question cries the entire time you know you are dealing with one.
"She's not worth crying over bro, don't be such a Casaleflower"

"I had such a bad day yesterday, I almost pulled a casaleflower"

"Dude, last night I had to deal with a total casaleflower. He sobbed to me to get out of his room so he could watch Sex and the City and relate it to his life."
by Kitty Cat and Jilly Bean October 06, 2011
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