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A man too awesome for a more commonplace name. Carston is empathetic, kind, understanding and good hearted to a fault. He is fiercely protective of his friends and family and would do anything for them. His ability to trust quickly has hurt him in the past but his strong spirit helps him endure for when he knows it will pay off, because he is full of hope and can easily adapt. Carston makes sure those close to him are taken care of, emotionally and in general. He is known to be intense and expressive, and his open mind and outgoing personality allow him to be a positive influence to all the different types of people he encounters, endearing himself to them with ease. His intelligence is unmatched, with the added perk of being incredibly attractive in every way, shape, and form. His sweetness and selflessness draw people to him and build their confidence in how dependable and loving he is. Carston is truly special and an amazing experience for those blessed to meet or encounter him.
He is doing everything possible to do his part in keeping his country and people safe. I bet he's a Carston.

It takes a Carston to be so natural at taking charge and making all the girls around him swoon!
by skyisover June 12, 2011
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