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higher class white teenagers who live in the southern parts of Carlsbad (eg. Aviara, Poinsettia, La Costa).

Their lives are full of of fun activities, some of which include: consumption of illegal substances, big blow out weekend parties, excessive amounts of sex (and for the girls excessive amounts of statutory rape by their hottie-23-year-old college friend "Tyler", or any common white name), Pointless, mostly drunk, joyriding (Guys: in their 16th birthday present F-250 with large wheels and lifted frame) (Girls: in their ALWAYS latest model, Infiniti coup, BMW 325i, Acura TL, Nissan Altima, or any one of the cliché rich teen girl cars) through the safe streets of Carlsbad...making sure they dont wander off to the dangerous Oceanside! Where their moms always warned them never to go.

A Cool Kid party is one consisting of loud, top 40 music played by the hired DJ throughout the night. Drugs include marijuana, being the most popular, but not limited to: cocaine, pills, and even the occasional shrooms. Their taste in alcohol varies from domestic beers (budweiser, miller, coors, and of course, pabst blue ribbon), malt liquor that their favorite GaNgStA rappers drink (colt .45, King Cobra, Mikey’s, and, O.E), and finally, an array of cheap vodkas and other liquors, purchased by their college buddies, OR stolen in one of their fun-filled beer runs. These parties go on throughout the night, where one can spot occasional "discreet", off-to-the-side blowjobs being given in any corner of the house. Other activities practiced at these parties include: stripping, sex, disrupting the peace, vandalism, rat-jock clashes, and the oh-so-famous cop busts, after which the atendees proceed to the next party on their lists.

After the party, the overly-drunk guys and overly-drunk girls end up having sex with each other, waking up around noon in the same bed, couch, chair, floor corner, etc...They wake up to a sea of beer cans which cover the floor, with marijuana pilings scattered, thongs/bras on the lampshades, and the frequent condom/condom package near the bedstool or anywhere else where sex is possible.
Girls are always the first to wake up, with a massive headache, wondering about what could have happened last night. She gets up, steps on a beer can, and rubs the her head, then notices the drunk jock, half naked, with morning wood next to her. He wakes up, slaps her ass, followed by a cute giggle, and then instinctively, she goes down on him, performing a bit of oral sex.
The party host then texts everyone from last night on his new iPhone, telling them to go to Dennys, where they all gather around a grand-slam and discuss last nights happenings...or at least what they can remember...

By monday, they continue to discuss their weekend of fun, often to their classmates at Carlsbad High School, but they quickly get over it, for they are already planning the next "rager"!
Kid 1- Hey bro, im so stoked for tonght!

Kid 2- Why?

Kid 1- Some carlsbad cool kids are throwing a massive rager in Aviara, its gonna be sooooo legit.

Kid 2- No way! this slut from my english class was talking about it. I think im gonna go too.

Kid 1- Yeah dog, im gonna get soooo faded tonight!

Kid 2- Hell yeah!! I'll pick you and the homies up in my new truck and then we can go on a beer-run at vons!

Kid 1- Yeah!!! Im so stoked, you don't even know bro, text you later, i gotta go!
by carlsbad_is_boring May 25, 2009
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