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A Carlopes is a wannabe Cassanova from a foreign country who is likely married or in a committed relationship but who searches for American women on social networking sites to seduce with the alleged charm of his bad English and "making sex" talk. A Lothario of the digital age.
I was on Skype last night writing to a friend in London when this Carlopes wrote to say how beautiful my profile photo is and ask if he could practice his English.
by MarianaSD April 25, 2008
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Giving a false name when you order your coffee, so the Barista has to call out something other than your own.
"Laughed my ass off while the guy at Starbucks was yelling ThickNipple... until I had to claim it."

"Dude, nice Carlope."
by Dangle14 February 08, 2012
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