R&B singer best known for his album Emotional in 2000.
I just got that new Carl Thomas CD Emotional. It touched me deeply.
by darkking777 December 13, 2010
The Hot Carl Thomas: only for the truly adventurous. Commonly performed after consuming KFC chicken or a similar product. Funnel and tube required. The act of diarhhea-ing on partners chest while vomiting through funnel. End of tube should be placed in same area as projected feces landing zone. Truly experienced layer feces and vomit altering between spouts of poo.
Tango: So how did that date go last night?

Cash: You don't want to know. All I can say is that KFC and crazy broads don't mix. Have you ever heard of Hot Carl Thomas?
by RebekahMuthaFuckinSheets June 23, 2010