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Carim means generous, (n)

Carim is a October born Libra Male. He is charming, diplomatic, emotional, fair, sees all points of view, a thinker, passionate, poetic, shy, friendly, loves beauty, balance, spirituality, thoughtful, gracious, affectionate, easy-going, flirtatious, committed. He but can be indecisive, emotionally complex, dependent, distant, argumentative, depressed, materialistic, superficial, self-indulgent, cares alot about what other people think and melancholy.

Carim hates selfishness and rudeness. He loves people, but hates crowds. A lover of peace, he goes around patching up quarrels between others; but still he enjoys a good argument himself. He is goodnatured, but he can also be sulky, and he hates taking orders. He is extremely intelligent. At the same time incredi­bly naive. He will talk your ear off, yet he's a good listener. Carim is a restless person. But he seldom rushes or is in a hurry. There is a frustrating inconsistency to him that puzzles himself as much as it does others.

To truly understand Carim, you must understand the riddle of his Libran scales; one side like October's brisk autumn weather - the other side drenched in the fresh scent of April rain. When his scales dip, bright optimism silently weighs down into lonely depression. When his scales balance, they produce a perfect harmony between his rich, intellect and his affectionate, sympathetic heart. The blending of these seasons are his secret.
Jill Scott's song "A Long Walk" reminds me of a day spent with Carim.
by 5eyes December 19, 2016
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