The black soot left on ones crack pipe which seems to be with only the most annoying of pipe smokers. It never seems to disappear thus becoming one's carbon footprint
Geez have you seen lornes carbon footprint on his pipe it must go back ages!!!
by Privatejohnson November 17, 2019
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The amount of greenhouse gases released by a person, group, or machine.
Al Gore may drive a hybrid and rant about global warming, but when you factor in the cooking grease burned to cook his food, his carbon footprint is pretty huge. The amount of weight that guy's packed on would put Sally Struthers to shame.
by Nicholas D June 16, 2008
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The quantity of greenhouse gases that have risen in the atmosphere caused by human actions.
The average quantity of carbon footprint globally is roughly around 4 tons, whereas the average in the United States is 16 tons which is 4 times the global average. The United States contributes to the 2nd most carbon footprint emissions globally following China which releases the most.
by Rotten Turkey August 22, 2022
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A boondoggle involving polluting one geographical location with excessive use of carbon-based fuel while paying to promote clean energy in another geographical location, and claiming one offsets the other, thus yielding neutral pollution.
Al Gore rationalizes his profligate use of $30,000/year in electricity and natural gas at his home in Nashville by partially funding clean energy production in other areas, terming this a "carbon footprint offset". It is tantamount to dumping garbage on the streets of Nashville and "offsetting" it by paying for street cleanup in Seattle.
by Mondo Fuego March 1, 2007
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The corncob lodge up the ass of the Anthropogenic climate change fanatics.
"You know every time you drive your SUV Gaia dies a little more."
" You need to pull that Carbon Footprint Corncob out of your ass. Why don't you take a cruise and relax?"
"Do you know how much carbon a cruise ship puts into our sky's?"
" I rest my case."
by Emperor Zoltan the great November 30, 2008
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