(The song and dance phenomenon that came out in 2006 by a Swedish pop group Caramell)

1. (noun) (usually with "the ~"): A dance where you place your hands on the top of your head (like a rabbit) flickering them as you move your hips quickly back and forth, all while remaining stationary.
For best results, do the Caramelldansen, accompanied with the music, in the middle of a shopping mall. Observe the shoppers as they stare at you doing this crazy dance none of them knows about like some foreign substance at the end of a tweezer. You would be lucky if one or two people knew the dance and joined with you, then you look less like a dork!
by The Avenue Majestic May 29, 2009
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Caramelldansen is a Europop song that is often used in flash videos of two anime characters 'caramelldancing'.

To 'caramelldance', simply place your hands on top of your head (as if they were ears) and wave them up and down while moving your hips from side to side simultaneously.

'Caramelldansen' is often done by large groups of people at anime conventions.

Originally sung in Swedish, there is also an English dub of the song.

The most popular version of Caramelldansen is the Speedycake remix. A remix of the Swedish song done by a Japanese company.
At an anime convention:

Person 1: Look! Caramelldansen!
Person 2: Let's join them! *runs towards the group and starts caramelldancing*
by ManamixChan December 28, 2009
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A Swedish pop song composed and originally sung by the band group Caramell. Originally considered as a teen pop song, it was mostly rebranded as a part pf J-POP following the creation of a nightcore version, made to sound like the light pitched voices of a typical young female anime character. This specific nightcore variant of the song became popular as an internet meme during the mid-to-late 2000s and during the early-2010s, before it slowly declined in popularity among the web.

One of the most popular uses of Caramelldansen is within the community of the video game Roblox during its older days.

It experienced a mild resurgence during the late-2010s, as a mixture between modern internet cultures and the more traditional meme cultures of the past. Today it is usually as a piece of classic internet heritage, and an icon of early Internet nostalgia.

A common nostalgic scene associated with the song is the song playing in some other room in your 2000s home, with the tune seeping into you own room and echoing on the ceiling and walls.
Dansa med oss Klappa era händer Gör som vi gör Ta några steg åt vänster!
Lyssna och lär Missa inte chansen Nu är vi här med Caramelldansen!
by Idot11111 May 15, 2021
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An annoying Swedish song where you swing your hips from side to side and clap your hands to the melody.

Och vricka era höfter!
Klappa era händer
Gor som vi
Till denna melodi
That guy totally just did the Caramelldansen
by Kalphiter September 28, 2009
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A popular Europop song that is the subject of many AMVs, as well as a variety of flash videos. The most popular of these depicts a flash loop of two anime characters doing the same dance over and over, as the chorus of the song repeats endlessly.
"Dance with us
Clap your hands
Do like we do
Take some steps to the left
Listen and learn
Don't miss the chance
We're here now with
The Caramelldance"

~ Caramelldansen English Translation
by DaemonMcRae March 26, 2008
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a Swedish and very girly and annoying song where you move your hips like there gonna fall off.


dance on your balls

cat fucking a handbag

your only yours

Horus tickle dance bag

its not a lie

Lisa in the club said

meh any how are we caramel dancing
caramelldansen is the worst song ever. the dancing is impossible.
by sharks445 July 19, 2011
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The act of involuntarily walking down the street or standing in a public place performing or singing the Caramelldansen without it being accompanied by real music due to its innate ability to play in ones mind without warning.

Often refered to as the Uma-Uma Dance
Friend 1: What was that?

Friend 2: Sorry I'm suffering from Caramelldansen Syndrome today

Friend 1: Jeez I know right!
by Caramell Forever May 21, 2011
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