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A pornstar of the highest caliber for car dealers and salesmen.

Her work is all done on camera and posted online for "educational" or “artistic” purposes, then posted for easy access by horny car salesmen and mechanics.

What the owner of every car dealership watches at least once in a while, whether they want to admit it or not.

A classy slut (and teacher) who wears clothes that are so sexy, everything she says makes sense.

A whore who brings pleasure to whoever sees her big boobs sticking out of those dresses and tight sweaters.

A bitch with good business sense and sales responsibility.

A hot chick with big tits who uploads videos of herself

A female sex tool to make car salesmen do what she wants them to do.

Ejaculation is 100 times faster and 100 times harder because she actually has a brain and says some smart stuff, if you watch with the sound “on.”

A mind-control device to use against car salesmen.
Hypocrite: “You're such a perv, watching the CarDoll! You're disgusting!”

“Damn, I wish I could bang the CarDoll, I bet she’s DTF!”

“CarDoll proves that America is the land of opportunity – any chick can succeed if they are willing to involved themselves in some porn to get their point across”

Car Salesmen are busy jacking-off to her pics and videos all day! They really don't hear a word she says!"

“The reason car salesmen need a smart-phone.”
by The teacher's pet January 20, 2013
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