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When there arent many parking spots left at a mall, you follow some one in your car who is walking to their spot so you can take it.
Sam: Hey that old guys car stalking us
John: lets walk around some more to piss him off
by johnny jesus July 07, 2010
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one drives around a parking lot unable to find a vacant automobile terminal, causing one to locate a person who appears to be making their way towards their automobile. Once located one must then drive slowly behind said person until they arrive at their vehicle, wait for them to enter their vehicle and leave and, upon their departure, promptly insert ones automobile into the recently vacant automobile terminal
John: hey, did you find a spot this morning?
Matt: no man, I was car stalking this woman all the way across the parking lot! Turns out she was going to the bus
by EvanPalm March 04, 2010
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To follow someone (while in your car), to their vehicle to take the spot closest to the store.
ROFLMAO Lexi and Natalie went car stalking at the mall today. It was intense.
by aROFLCOPTERpilot December 26, 2008
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