When someone is caught in a lie, doing too much, or saying something dumb
Person 1: *says or does something dumb or out of pocket*

Person 2: “Man you capped out
by yurrritscap August 24, 2021
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To lie; Telling something with no truth in it.
I knew he was capped out when he told me he would buy the shoes off of me.
by ZGA February 22, 2013
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When a person ingests too much mdma or ecstasy at a party and subsequently becomes ridiculously high to the point of their eyes rolling into the back of their head, their jaw uncontrollably moving and ultimately having no sense of where they are. It is also characterized by repeated stroking of soft objects such as cats and furniture all while having no idea of what is going on
Jim: "Did you talk to Kyle last night? that kid was so fucked up on molly"

Hans: "Yea, he was capped out for sure"
by Papa Midnight January 2, 2014
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When you cap so much you can’t cap any more.
This man always has an excuse when we ask him to party; he’s capped out!
by Javanfromthecut December 5, 2019
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reached maximum limit
Cap out: Max got so bored at work he even capped out the internet.
by maz86 January 22, 2016
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a hoe dat fuck too many niggas.
suck too much dick.
let the whole team fuck.
another word for bopped out.
they call this bitch named lizzie capped out shawty.
by bRii_PlAYA&CHElC_b00 April 1, 2009
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to get out. (Especially when second Person wear an hat / cap.)
-Cap out of here your mitherlic Person.
-Cap out, your are never here necessary.
-Cap out that helmet, this make your sight foolish.
by Gentleman Eardley January 22, 2022
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