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In Mandarin (Chinese for you ignorants) means "fuck your mom" word for word. Very commonly used, Cao can be used as a stand-alone word for fuck. Cao ni ma is most commonly used in Beijing taxis to aid one in reachign their destination.
"Cao ni ma de bi, yi zhi zou, sha bi" -fuck your mother's cunt, go straight you dumb cunt
by number2 October 11, 2005

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Short form of "are you having fun?" used when one is too flazy to type the word.
-Im bored, are you funning?
-naw man Im bored too
by number2 December 05, 2005

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Shit. Just pure simple shit...
That guy has man dirt all over his face
by number2 December 31, 2005

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A country filled with chicks who have amazing bodies, round features, and are probably smarter than you, but dont worry, their head is filled with sexual knowledge. Amazing palce to party or go shopping, go chill in the malls you find in any district and end up spendign less money than you would in most western countrys's mcdonald'. Unfortunately lots of gypsies immigrate from romania...these people are uneducated and probably couldnt find good internet cuz they were lookign for it in the bakery like the example above. So...alcohol, girls, and chilling. If you are not romanian you are wellcome to enjoy the cheap luxury which is hungary.
people chilling in hungary - hey, this is awesome, my dick's been up eversince we got to this place, I cant decide which girl to go with, wanna get drunk? - sure man, its so cheap, we could also do whatever the fuck we wanted, this place rules

meanwhile in romania:

romanian #1 - hey lets go to hungary and fuck it up
romanian #2 - no, plese pick my ass instead
romanian #1 - ok
by number2 October 11, 2005

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