A handsome individual with a big loving personality and an exceptionally large penis. This individual will love their partner to the very end. They are cool and always in style. If someone named Cani likes you that means tht you are smart, pretty, and have an excelent personality. Cani would be the perfect man for the women they chose. If Cani didn't chose you you have a rotten personality. Also Cani is usually tanked with muscle and knows how to talk to girls so you can never go wrong with a wingman like him.
Omg Cani has the biggest heart and all he wants to do is share it, I also rubbed up against his penis and it was huge
by Rambocs47 February 08, 2013
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A canis is an internet forum user who usually comes straight from the Star Wars universe.

In modern realistic times a canis commonly takes on the role of a Sith Lord and can be found wearing cloaks and hooded wools in his internet profile avatar or online profile pic.
by Beards February 05, 2009
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a person who tends to be seen as a funny or misleading person; usually seen as loud, obnoxious, and irrelevant to important life situation.
Have anyone seen the Can I who caused that big uproar downtown in the park?
Or tripple can I, or Deluxe can I!
by Bri Bettard February 08, 2009
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