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A term commonly used by gamer gurls to express their emotions to a gamer boy
Gamer gurl: UwU RaWr XD

Gamer boy: wow I didn't know you felt that way
by Jackaplier69 January 10, 2019

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Latin for dog
aspice canis
by Jackaplier69 May 21, 2019

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Literally the only perfect human she's kind, funny, genetal, caring, cute, hot, sexy, beautiful, and let's not forget thicc with a nice pair of tits
Me: man I wish I was like Eden she's perfect
Voice in my head: yeah bro she's awesome
by Jackaplier69 April 11, 2019

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Guy one: you know who's perfect?
Guy one: you.
Guy two: *kisses guy one* perfection
by Jackaplier69 August 14, 2019

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