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The most beautiful girl in the world! All eyes are on her when she enters a room. Not easily forgotten. Sassy & smart...the most sensual lover you'll ever know. are everything I've been looking for.
by Candyce lover February 02, 2010
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A girl that's low-key the baddest woman around. She's crazy, and one of the girls you definitely don't want to have an altercation with. But at the same time, having a Candyce in your life helps you get through the pain and hard times. She's an independent hustler, a queen, that's always underestimated until you meet her and find out how amazing her personality is. And when it comes to her significant other, no one is placed above besides family, and she treats him like a king, but asks for nothing but loyalty in return.
Wow, she's great...her name must be Candyce.
by genius72 June 18, 2018
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A sophisticated and intelligent woman who has a magnetic personality that draws all who meet her in. She is truly beautiful but does not realize just how much. Her heart is true and knows no bounds; she is always willing to do the right thing without any thought of herself. She is a wonderful mother and wife and is someone who anyone on Earth would be blessed to know.
My wife, Candyce is the most beautiful person I have ever known.
by Magnus MacGregor February 09, 2010
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