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1) The act of candy eating other candy.

2) The act of eating candy that is shaped like a human.
1) Watch out Greg! Dave has gone mad and has starting eating all of his fellow marshmallow friends! I should have figured this was going to happen - all of the marshmallows in his family began engaging in candybalism several weeks ago! They've been eating all of the marshmallows in town!

2) Tara stood silently, quietly surveying the outward appearance of her friend, secretly wishing he was made of candy so that she could tear him apart and eat him. Her secret longings for engaging in candybalism had begun to grow more frequent, and she began to fear that one day she would become the very thing she feared most - a candybal.
by the_professor April 30, 2014
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When you run out of candy pass out on Halloween, so you go trick-or-treating in order to restock your candy supply.

Instead of going to the store, you hunt your neighbors' candy. Other's candy must be sacrificed so your house's supply can be sustained.
Dude! We're almost out of candy! We have to resort to candybalism. Go trick or treating so we don't have to go to the store.
by wpplayer October 31, 2013
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