1. An angel who mysteriously lost her wings.

2. Someone lovely who makes an entire room light up with just a smile.

3. A being of total perfection; flawless


1. to be someone completely beautiful on the inside and to hide it from the world

2. an act of being too gorgeous for words

3. to do things with caution; to be a perfectionist; to have OCD
Omg did you see that Candice I gotta get her number right now!
by Mrs. Flocka Flame March 18, 2010
The best person in the universe who can light up the darkness of space with one smile. She is also super duper attractive. She might be a little shy(Being shy is not bad i actually like shy and i am shy sometimes) but is the best being in the universe because of her kindness and her amazing smile. She is also a smart person who has a lot of knowledge. All of those "Candice d*** fit in u mouth" stuff is nonsense and is insulting the best person in the world: Candice. I like one Candice (who i won't name for anonymity). Just want to let that one Candice know i like her.
Candice is the most sweet person on earth.
by AnonymousPerson_05 October 9, 2020
A down to earth girl who is amazing and loves her bf .

She never cheats on any of her bf and she is loyal .

She always has a smile on her face in ups and downs she always goes for the correct guy and she stays with him and she always tells her bf she loves him.

She has a nice body with a big ass.
You see that girl with that bug booty that sure is a Candice
by real Marcus baby October 28, 2015
the most wonderful and amazing girl in the universe. she is beautiful in every way, both inside and outside.
wow!!! i can't believe i know a candice!
by Dumb Mumb July 26, 2009
If you are searching this you've probably been hit and annihilated by the "Candice dick fit into your mouth". Brain will shrink down by 1000% and symptoms might include gayness. seek immediate medical assistance.
guy1: dude, i heard candice got pregnant
guy2: who's candice?
Guy1: candice dick fit into your mouth?
by gay-ass-nigga-guacamole-penis October 21, 2019
An awkward and shy girl who is bae in the inside..... >3
by EMCDDN August 22, 2017
Definitely just the ice gym leader in some of the pokemon games, nothing else, not a setup to a deez nuts joke like candice nuts fit in your mouth, nope.
Random guy who does a little trolling: Hey, heard you've been doing stuff with Candice lately.
Intellectual: Yeah I'm trying to beat her in pokemon
Random guy: I was expecting you to say "who's Candice" so I can say "Candice nuts fit in your mouth", wait, OH NOOOOO
Intellectual: lmao you trolled yourself, get trolled
by Lance0 September 5, 2021