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Contrary to popular belief, Canby is not a hick town, that is at least for the younger generations. Older people are racist and former-hippies.

Canby cops are real dicks. There are a lot of pot heads, and every skater brags about the semi-new skate park.

Canby just wasted 3 million dollars on redoing down town but no one goes there anyways, because there is nothing to do in canby, except when its the fair.

The mexican population has exploded recently, and there are 2 main gangs (Norteños and the Sureños.)

Canby has the worlds largest dahlia farm, but no one who lives there really gives a shit. The only other notable attractions are the new movie theater, and the Canby Ferry. If you want to move somewhere that is fun, don't come to Canby.

There are 13 groups of people at CHS, Mexicans, Russians, Nerds, Dumbasses, Jocks, Skaters, Sluts, attention whores, normal kids (kids that play 1-3 sports are considered to be normal kids) Band kids (Marching band dose not count as a sport even though the band kids will get really pissed off if you tell them that) And the swag fags.
Example one:
"Hey dude wanna go to canby?"

"No dude i don't wanna spend all day looking at their flower farm!"

Example two: (Mexican Version)

"Estamos hablando mierda sobre ese niño allá en español! Espero que no nos entienden! Ahora vamos a ir a fumar un poco de marihuana!"

Example three:

"Wanna go to canby?"

"Only if were gonna get hi there!"
by steve4342 February 02, 2013
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A small hicktown, 25 miles south of Portland, OR. Known for it's corrupt Roided up Bike Cops and the residents' spectacular ignorance towards any race other than Aryan.

Est. Population 15,140.

13,387 Being Caucasian.
Unless you have an extremely small vocabulary and plan on joining the KKK, DON'T go to Canby.
by AlexxelA123 August 09, 2009
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small hick town outside of portland. known for it's beaner gangs and pot heads.
"Dude let's go to canby"
"yeah man they got good pot!"
"and we can mess with those beaner gangs."
by beanergangsrule! November 15, 2008
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A town with younger people who are full of themselves and like to think their drama is the center of the planet. Lot's Mexicans and Russian Orthodox. It surprisingly has a good school. The older people tend to be redneck hippies.
Dude, I hate Canby kids. They complain so much, man!
by Pickby April 23, 2012
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