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Occurs when two individuals cross paths and each politely suggests that the other may go first.
Man: Oh sorry
Woman: It's ok, go ahead
Man: After you.
Woman: I insist.
Man: Thank you.

A Canadian Standoff.
by adam12121212121212 March 20, 2010
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A situation in which both parties are too nice to let themselves win at the other's expense. The opposite of a Mexican standoff.

For example, if two Canadians arrive simultaneously at a narrow doorway, each is likely to stand aside and invite the other to cross first, and so on, until they both give up, set up camp for the winter, and offer each other a beer.
When we were watching the game last night, my buddy and I got ourselves into a real Canadian standoff over the last slice of bacon pizza. It just ended up going cold.
by Tom Megginson October 17, 2005
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A Canadian stand-off is a situation where in which two or more individuals are are tryin to pass each other in a hallway or intersection, and when confronted with the question of who will move first or have the right of way all of the individuals refuse to move saying things such as "no you first." Or "by all means." In this situation every one is too polite for any action to take place.
Tom: you first

Jack: no no by all means you sir
5min later....
Jack: boy that sure was a Canadian stand-off.
by yack juan Carlos horski August 05, 2013
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The opposite of a Mexican standoff, when everyone is to fucking nice to take turns in the proper order.
so we are driving the other day and a car pulls up at each side of a 4 way stop and we all just sat there in a Canadian standoff because no one would go first.
by fk from cv February 26, 2015
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When you are too nice to someone, and the other person is also too nice, so nothing gets done, because you are both being way too polite
I was in a Canadian standoff with Fred because I held the door for him, but he insisted I go in first, but I insisted he go ahead of me, so we stood their for 10 seconds waiting to see who would go in first...
by Henry Long Richard October 01, 2017
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