When a woman has an incredible, stupid, fat, dummy ass connected to her back.
Guy 1: Shit, Heather has a goddamn can of coke on her back!
Guy 2: Damn staight, I wanna drink that fucker
by MoNWOBrewTO March 29, 2010
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"You can have a coke" is a more socially and publicly acceptable way of saying "you can s my d".

Can also be combined with lol-cat-speak for "You can haz a coke" or "A coke -- you can haz it".
Bon Qui Qui at King Burger:

Customer: Can I get a #6 with a cookies & cream milkshake?

Bon Qui Qui: You sure you don't just want a coke?

Customer: Pardon?

Bon Qui Qui: Then I gotta get the ice cream out, put some cookies all up in it. I don't even know how to use that blender, they got me pressin' all these crazy buttons. No, you can have a coke.
by BabyGing July 9, 2011
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