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A huge athropod most commonly found in the Middle East. They can travel up to 10 mph, and feasts on lizards, birds, scorpions etc. Many rumors about these creepy-crawlers have been spread by US troops from the Persian Gulf War and the Operation Iraqi freedom, including a very popular picture of a troop holding up one.
by Ogie September 25, 2004
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The ideal housepet. This arachnid is neither truly a spider, nor a scorpion, but a lovable member of the order Solifugae, which in Latin, translates roughly to 'ones that flee from the sun'.

This animal can grow up to approximately 12-15 cm (5-6 in).
They have two large, hooked pincers which assist in catching and masticating their prey. They are also able to easily escape many enclosures, due to their ability to run up glass and bite through most wire mesh. If one escapes, there is really no good course of action. It can run up to 10 mph over short distances, and is very maneuverable. It may also pursue you if it senses a threat.

Although it is not venomous, Its sharp fangs tear a disproportionately large bite which is prone to infection. They eat approximately their body mass in food every two days, so keep them full, and they will be less prone to escape and chew your family.
Bill - "Hey, Jim, check out my camel spider! I'm teaching him to sit on my hand!"
Jim - "Why the hell did you get one of them? The only good thing about them is they only live 18 months!"
Bill - "No, they're cuddl-" (Screams as it masticates his thumb)

by SamFearsClowns August 29, 2007
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1. Ok so take one of those face huggers from aliens. scale down their size. make them more agile and more evil. that my friend is a camel spider.
Lt. Ripley:- Get away from her you bitch!!!!! *throws camel spider into space* (its so bad it doesn't die)
by Sharpy69 December 03, 2006
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Latin scientific designation given to Jeremy Bakke's highly mutated pubic lice.
Jeremy's camel spider's once over took an entire sorority just by him leaving his boxers in the hot tub.
by Tanker.45 October 25, 2010
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The camel spider...spawned by satan himself....god created every animal except this...designed to scare the crap outta you....something that runs up to 60k's screams and can jump several feet in the air has gotta be something intended to scare you....Wen the UN went lookin for weapons in IRAQ hahah! they found em....if you want to go there on a camping holiday, its not the terrorist you need to worry about,its those damn creatures.
satan + insect + fear itself = camel spider
by Not saying hahaha September 08, 2006
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An urban legend. Not a giant, screaming, face eating beast.
The largest that the get is about 5 inches, and aren't even poisenous.
So chill out, wuss.
So i was really freaked about this camel spider thing, then i took a closer look at the camle spider picture. There's a hand to the right of the picture, meaning that the perspective of the spiders are off, and are held so it seems thay are as alarge as a man's leg. lame.
by becca rainbow monster January 20, 2009
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