Mid-western slang for a Middle-eastern person.

Often brown in color.

Occupation: Gas station clerk and/or telemarketer.
Jim Bob: "God damn Camel Backs took meh job!

Billy Rey: "Down there in tech support?"

Jim Bob: "Hell yes brother!"

Billy Rey: "Why the hell would they do that? Can't understand them Camel Backs anywho!"

Jim Bob: "TO THE PILE!"

by IVOTEDFORBINLADIN August 13, 2011
The feeling you have in your mouth the morning after drinking most of a bottle of Kinsey vodka . Like licking the back of a Saharen camel with extremely coarse and dry hair.
Philip: I'm so hungover after those two pints last night.
Dave: Ya feels like I was licking the camels backW.B Yeats.
by Obair lamh January 27, 2010
The last straw. The final bit needed to tilt the balance over to one side or send one over the edge.
After following her around for days and making obscene phone calls he threatened her son. For her, that was the straw that broke the camel's back and she went to the police.
by Tharish T May 29, 2005
A bad, airy, non-defined business idea that you think of to distract yourself from doing work you are meant to be doing even when you already have 5 businesses on the go and 100 ideas in the works.
"Hey man, what are you up to?"
"Doing my tax return. Hey, do you think I could make a product where you completely fill the inside of a car with foam and it cleans while it dissolves?"
"Dude, that'd be the foam that broke the camel's back"
by slimtotheshady July 9, 2018