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Cambrie is the most sweet and kind person who always looks out for her friends and loved ones. She’s pretty, funny, athletic, and caring, and always gives her best at everything she does.
Cambrie is such an amazing woman.
by Highkeydog July 13, 2018
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A person who exudes excellents in every way. Only one flaw in this person......procrastinator.
Man did you see her, she such a cambrie.

You didn't do your homework again, your such a cambrie.
by Supertramp April 03, 2008
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Usually Absolutely beautiful, eyes of a goddess, very generous and kind hearted. Greatest caregivers ever. Meeting one is once in a lifetime.
Soon as I seen her I was rock hard, She’s a total milf. She’s pretty much a Cambrie
by Presley’s dad November 19, 2018
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The most amazing person on the world. Always there for you and is really pretty.
She is such a Cambrie
by EmiliaR.Q September 03, 2018
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a skank ass Meadville hoe that racks up bodies like nobody’s looking. someone that wants attention at all times and will fuck anyone and everything because they are so insecure.
“hey did you hear about that girl fucking that dude on the bathroom floor last night?”
yeah bro that was such a cambrie longo move.”
by PussyMonsteryourmom March 14, 2019
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A caring, sporty girl. She is very loyal and has incredible eyes. She had many friends and usually likes both genders. She has many creative talents but struggles to stay focused in things she does not enjoy. She gets along with almost everyone boys and girls.

She is very good at drawing,dancing and writing. She is a very kind person but if you hurt her, or her friends and family. She will hunt you down. She also holds strong grudges. But in the end she is a trustworthy friend that won’t ever let you down. You are lucky to find a cambrie. A very rare name and personality.
Oh wow she is so nice, but don’t get on her bad side... she is such a Cambrie!
by Cambrie March 21, 2019
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