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An intelligent beauty who is very fashionable. Very athletic and has a muscular body, but not fat. Usually on the short side, and a bit of a smart ass. Independent, curious, and mischievous. Always looking for something new to do, easily bored except with things that she comes up with herself. Then she could occupy herself for hours. Likes to be in charge and can assess a situation and figure out in a couple of minutes how to aggravate the crap out of someone. Very assertive and smart when it comes to handling a situation. Someone you can trust to keep a secret. Outdoors and woodsy kind of person. Loves animals with a passion.
Girl 1 - "Gosh that girl can spot a dog from a mile away!"
Girl 2 - "Yeah, that's Cambrey for you..."

Girl 1 - "Ok, Cambrey, you go cut out this and Ryan you glue that."
Cambrey - "No I think you will cut these out and I will write the answers to all the questions so that we actually get a good grade."
by LuckyNumber13233 June 15, 2009
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