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that hot sexy dude who is always that bad-ass in the moovies
even sexier when he rips his shirt off in Never Back Down
Girl 1:Cam Gigandet is so hot
Girl 2:Who?
Girl 1:That sexy bad-ass in NBD
Girl 2:Oh! He is hot
by iVampire September 02, 2008
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an actor with a french last name who is playing james in the movie twilight. he is also one of the sexiest man alive. he has a perfectly sculpted body that just dazzles the hell out of everybody.
girl 1: oh wow, look at him
girl 2: i know, i'd fuck the shit out of that cam gigandet
girl 1: too bad he's fucking someone else.
by slickrubin September 21, 2008
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An amazing actor who has played various roles in movies such as Twilight, Never Back Down, and The Unborn. He is amazingly goregeous and has the most alluring eyes. His perfectly muscled body (including an irresistable eight-pack)is almost as unbelievable as his face.
Cam Gigandet is currently engaged and will be getting married when his fiancee turns eighteen!
by Chloesprinkles February 02, 2009
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