The Call of the Void is a thought that goes through your head as you're in a situation to where you or someone else could die very easily from your cause even though you know that you would never do it.
Examples for; Call of the Void

1- I could kill this man quite easlily, but why am I thinking this if I would never do it?...

2- I'm just at the edge of this building, I'm thinking of jumping off but I would never do it...
by dannywilliams September 24, 2017
the call of the void is the thought to jump off the ledge you are standing on; wondering what would happen if you drove your car into another car or person; it is the thought of "I could kill someone so easily right now" when holding a knife, hammer, or what have you. it is the insane desire of our unconscious, but it is nothing to worry about unless you relish and enjoy these thoughts.
last week i visited the grand canyon with my girlfriend. as we stood on a ledge and looked out over the world, the call of the void entered my head:

"one little nudge and she's dead"

i shuddered as the thought crossed my mind, and it left my mind as soon as it entered.
by murka durka September 17, 2013
That voice in your head telling you to do what you shouldn't do, or what it would horrify you to do. Poe called it the "Imp of the Perverse". Freud called it the "Death Drive". It often seems sadistic or suicidal.
Being on top of a building and having the urge to jump.
Getting cut off on the highway and thinking about ramming the car in front of you.
Walking down the street with someone you like and thinking about shoving them into traffic.
Probably makes you feel guilty or insane, since a "normal" person wouldn't have these urges. It happens to almost everyone.
Every time I stand in front of a high window, I hear the call of the void. I could so easily break the window and dive out. It would be so peaceful once I landed and died.

Then I shake my head to try to get rid of the thought and move on. The thought doesn't go away, but I don't jump.
by Jack O'clades November 20, 2015
The little voice inside your head that tells you to do something bad
I answered the Call to the void when I pushed Jimmy off the dock into the water
by Coconut336 January 22, 2016