1 definition by Jack O'clades

That voice in your head telling you to do what you shouldn't do, or what it would horrify you to do. Poe called it the "Imp of the Perverse". Freud called it the "Death Drive". It often seems sadistic or suicidal.
Being on top of a building and having the urge to jump.
Getting cut off on the highway and thinking about ramming the car in front of you.
Walking down the street with someone you like and thinking about shoving them into traffic.
Probably makes you feel guilty or insane, since a "normal" person wouldn't have these urges. It happens to almost everyone.
Every time I stand in front of a high window, I hear the call of the void. I could so easily break the window and dive out. It would be so peaceful once I landed and died.

Then I shake my head to try to get rid of the thought and move on. The thought doesn't go away, but I don't jump.
by Jack O'clades November 20, 2015