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Best game to play if you want to own Nazi zombies, and make em pay for what they did to the Jews(or just to have some crazy mind blowing fun)
Man: Hey let's play Resident Evil so we can kill some zombies.

Man 2: No Man! Lets play Call of Duty World at War so we can kill NAZI zombies...Much more enjoyable.
by Dan The Man45 December 20, 2008
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A game that has a good campaign, but an unplayable multiplayer due to the mp40 noobfests that happen in every game. Upon entering an online game, you will be greeted with a bunch of noobs who jump around waving their guns in all directions hoping to get a kill. Sniping, rifling, and shotgunning is completely useless in this game. Only get this game if you are a parapelegic retard who can't aim.
Boy1: Oh boy, I think i'll get Call of duty world at war so i can pwn noobs with my sniping skills.

Boy2: Pshhhh....have fun.
by lolmp40whore March 29, 2010
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A call of duty game made in 2008 features fixed killstreaks for multiplayer, a 4 player campaign and a zobie mode.
Person 1: Wanna play call of duty world at war?

Person 2: Yeah we'll tear some noob ass wit my noobass tearer.
by YSSSSSSSSSSSsup June 17, 2011
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