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When a guy ejaculates (cums) in a girls mouth. Then while she has the seamen in her mouth, the guy gives her an open mouth kiss, and has his own seamen spit back into his mouth while kissing her... hense the term "snowball".

"after I got head from Becky, I got a california snowball"
by xCOBRA_CLUTCHx March 29, 2004
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A practical joke or stunt that includes a man ejaculating into his hand before throwing the sperm deposited onto someone else. The sperm can be mixed with a clump of dirt to better resemble a ball. This stunt can be famously seen performed by Stuart Rudin in the film 'Silence of the Lambs'.
He left campus a couple of days ago- apparently, the guys kept getting him with California Snowballs while he was sleeping.
by dave creedance April 16, 2009
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