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A clumsy yet poised young lady who can make you laugh even when you feel like getting Zoloft. She will always be there for you, and she seems to have boy-magnetism.
You just pulled a Caleigh - an example of clumsiness
I need a Caleigh - and example of her being-there-for-me-ness.
She is such a Caleigh - an example of the boy-magnetism.
by Emmalouhoooo August 05, 2006
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Usually a caring, considerate, joyful person who will always stick up for you and make you laugh when you feel like down. Caleigh's are almost always beautiful but will never admit it, and will fight this fact to the grave.

While she(usually a female) is strong willed and can always hold her own, if you get to know her, she will open up to you and you will see that she has a very vulnerable heart protected by many walls.

If you go head to head with a Caleigh, they will usually try n resolve the issue as quickly, and as peacefully as possible, often putting the biggest burden on their own shoulders.

Their main goal in an argument is to not hurt the other person. Winning takes a back seat.

If you ever have the privilege to cross a Caleigh's path, make sure you do not let them go.
Person A: Hey man, you heard of this new chick?
Person B: Yea, i met her, she seems like a cool girl.
Person A: Duh dude, her name is Caleigh.
Person B: Go figure...
by /Sparrow\ March 30, 2011
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A Caleigh is usually really athletic, smart and beautiful but will never admit it. Caleigh is also a really nice person but sometimes she can get really feisty so always watch your back with a Caleigh around!
She usually would love cats, friends, family and sports! But when a Caleigh is around she always will have your back and no matter what she will be there by your side always.
Athletic and fun? That has to be a Caleigh!
by Iamawesome22! March 20, 2017
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An awesome person. She generally looks beautiful--unless she doesn't want to, and all boys are attracted to her. She also has a nice free-spirit attitude
"WOW! Look! It's Caleigh. Boy, is she hot
by ninjaguy00000001 February 04, 2011
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The coolest girl you will ever meet. Usually funky fresh and has very sexy hair (that is blonde or red. Brunettes can be sexy but brunette Caleigh's are just not right) Caleigh is a clumsy kid. but she is known for her originality (such as her name and how it's spelled) If you know someone named Caleigh consider yourself lucky.
That caleigh girl can dougie!!! - Example of coolness-
Woah have you seen that girls hair? -Example of sexi-hairness-
OMG STOP BUMBING INTO ME! - Example of clumsiness-
by .....................1 April 13, 2011
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biggest cunt you will ever meet. She won't even say thank you after you congratulate her on a volleyball win. She will also probably unfollow you on Instagram just cuz she can't see you doing better than her. she is the biggest fucking thot in the town and she gets on her knees and begs guys to fuck. also she has the biggest fucking tooth gap in the school, braces can't even fix that shit. whoops looks like she's banging mrs plazeks son in her Camry and bleed all over Eric's seat. lastly she has a lesbian lover named miss teenage signed up and was the only competitor (somehow made it to miss teenage Canada). HATE THAT BITCH
did you see that bitch's tooth gap? yeah, it's just caleigh
by fuckyoucaleighwhore April 21, 2018
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