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She's so sweet to everyone, but don't get on her bad side. She's hot but doesn't swelter you... She's very popular and doesn't know how to shut up
Oh look there's a caira she's so pretty
by Doggo1204 December 17, 2017
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Some chick that is incredibly awesome, and pwns teh WHOLE WIDE WORLD. Makes fun of weaboos a bunch. and yeah. Is awesome.
OMG look! a Caira!

by Loopuhz May 16, 2008
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A Caira is a beautiful inside and out girl. She's SEXY af and all the boys love her. She one of the most popular girls bit gets kinda shy at times. She acts loud and obnoxious though, Lol! She is insecure about what people say about her but never shows it. If you meet a Caira be sure to be one of her friends real quick because she be your friend just as quick as she'll cut you off!! Caira can fight too she'll knock you out in a punch don't mess wit her. But she super nice too. Caira don't know what to be, lol.
Look at CairaI wanna ask her out but I'm scared as hell.
by abossatheart February 07, 2018
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