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Literary def: shits on sticks, basically someone that is always trying to fuck with someone else or always fucking shit up by bringing up stupid shit.
Big Block Bailey is a "caga palos" for talking shit about my picture skillz.
by SalinasRacer September 23, 2009
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It is a Mexican slang term for someone who just likes to fuck around and play jokes on people, and/or someone who's always killing your trip and embarrassing you.
Man, Jose really needs to get his shit together and stop being a "caga palo" before he gets his ass kicked, and doesn't graduate.
by Switchblades June 17, 2007
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Spanish slang for someone who behaves like a class clown. He can be entertaining and make you laugh but at the same time be ridiculous and obnoxious. Literally translates to "shit on a stick."
Cristian siempre tiene las mujeres riendo porque es cagapalo pero ningunas de ellas lo cogerΓ­an.
by diez por ciento March 02, 2005
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