A large women usually is 3 renditions. Small, Medium and large/big. Hence the term Big Block.
This girl wanted to get with me but she’s a Big Block so i can’t do it.
by YaboyQ October 31, 2021
A piston engine which has a displacement of 6.0 liters or more , often in the form of a V8.
The LS7 in my car is a big block, it has more then 7 liters in displacement.
by MikeJones818 May 4, 2006
A "big block" is an engine that has a deck height(distance from crank bearing centerline to the top of the block) that is greater than 9.8 inches. An example is GM has a 400 SMALL block and a 400 BIG block.
big block=383,396,400,413,426,454
small block=302,305,318,327,350,351,360,400
by Jagged Joe October 23, 2006
Aussie slang for a 473ml can of red bull.
Scoey: Hey bung, your off ya face.

Louis: chea buzz, just punched a big block!
by Quadcameight August 8, 2019
A 460 Big Block is a absolute powerhouse of a engine it only gets 6 MPG but u have all 7.5 liters of pure horsepower. Can beat a 454 any day of the week
My wife was saying she hasn’t got gas in 6 weeks I said babe I’ve got gas 6 times this week she said good lord is your truck that bad on gas i said no it’s just got a 460 Big Block in it and I like the sound it makes when I put my foot on the floor.
by Jklg25 July 2, 2022
In many cities, the size of each city block is standardized. There may be 8 or 10 blocks per mile, for example, in the downtown area. In many suburbs, or other areas, you will find places where you would expect there to be a cross-street, but it was omitted, leading to an extra-long walk or drive before encountering a cross street. This is described as a "big block," so you know what to expect when you are in the area.
Get off the bus at the hospital. You'll need to walk three big blocks south until you get to Elk Grove Avenue, my street.

I love walking in Rio, because it has such big blocks, full of nice buildings!
by Embroidery Fan June 16, 2017