Cafuné does mean running your hand through someone’s hair, caressing someone’s scalp. It most certainly does not translate as caffeine. That would be cafeína
Adoro quando ele me faz cafuné
by Jus2kool April 26, 2019
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(Brazilian/Portuguese) (Verb) The act of tenderly running your fingers through someone's hair.
Ex1.) I love it when my boyfriend Cafunés my hair.

Ex2)Cafuné is a hard word to translate into English.
by Crystalbell September 17, 2013
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For some reason people think it means to "run your fingers through a lover's hair".

Even though all these dummies said it doesnt translate to English lol. Welcome to the internet bruh. 🤷 ♀️🤦 ♀️😂
I need cafuné
by Belle0623 April 24, 2019
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the act of running your fingers through your lover's hair

it is among the few word that cannot be translated into english

(Brazilian Portugese)
i sat with her in silence and cafuné.
by mhmmohyes March 30, 2013
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