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Definitely a cutie, seems ‘mysterious’ and ‘sad’ but is an actual cutie wutie. Is loved very much and cared so so much and also is the definition of perfect. He is ethereally beautiful and makes your heart go uwu. He also makes everyone happy with his cute little dimple smile and eye crinkle and floppy poofy sheep hair :D

The most amazing and beautiful human being who should love himself and not be insecure because SKFHJDEIEJSJ.

Can be referred to as, cadan the cutie or cadan, fiona’s cutie.
Bitch girl : omg cadan’s so mysterious, it’s hot!
Me : well he’s actually a cutie- wait no, my cutie.

Cadan : im average
Me : shut up, your name is the definition of cute.
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by cadanisacutie February 17, 2019
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A cool guy that likes memes a lot and feels very strongly about topics
Cadan likes memes
by Coolmango January 24, 2019
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At first you might think he’s pretty weird and has some problems, but the more you get to know him, he will start to be pretty cool and chill
Oh yeah, Cadan will probably like memes too
by Coolmango January 25, 2019
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he's got the biggest most throbbing ego he thinks he's active but he usually stays inside all day they usually wear leather jackets their always slouching even if you tell them to stand up strait most of them sit in a awkward way they can usually be friends with them but their usually awkward and has the biggest dick
by bruticus104 October 08, 2017
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A person who makes gay jokes to try and seem like he is straight but in reality he is in fact extremely gay.
Listen to that guy he is such a Cadan.
by carbonxdrift January 22, 2014
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